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An excellent CAD CAM program for the general routing shop or sign maker. ProfileLab has a powerful and easy to use interface for 2 1/2 D drawing and machining with great export and import filters. Also included in this package is 3-D engraving

VisualMILL is a very capable CAM program which is considered by some to be better than MasterCAM with lite duty Cad included. This program does 2-D, 2 ½-D, 3-D engraving and full 3-D tool paths. A perfect partner for VisualMILL would be Rhino CAD which is directly opened by VisualMILL.
Enroute is a great CAM program for 2-D, 2 ½-D, 3-D engraving. It has an easy to use and understand interface. Great for the operator who wants quality tool paths and wants to keep it simple.
Rhino is an excellent 2-D and 3-D CAD (drawing) program. It is capable of drawing complex mechanical drawings as can be seen by viewing their site samples but still remains easy to use and understand weather drawing 2-D or 3-D.
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